News as of 24 July, 2024

IGTF Authorities
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IGTF: Interoperable Global Trust Federation

The international community is deploying large scale distributed computing on a production scale, across organisations, across countries, and across continents, for the advancement of science and engineering. In shaping this common infrastructure, they are relying on common practices, policies and procedures to reliably identify users, subscribers and resources.

The IGTF is a body to establish common policies and guidelines that help establish interoperable, global trust relations between providers of e-Infrastructures and cyber-infrastructures, identity providers, and other qualified relying parties. The IGTF consists of three regional Policy Management Authorities (PMAs) in the Americas, Asia-Pacific, and in Europe, the Middle-East and Africa. The IGTF is governed by a common charter.

Each regional PMA holds regular meetings for its members and national organisations are invited to contact their national authority member(s) to get in touch with the PMAs and IGTF. Regional and global relying parties usually are direct PMA members. Open IGTF meetings are held in conjunction with global research and e-Infrastructure events. You can get in contact with the IGTF and find your national members through your Regional PMA's web site.