IGTF beginnings: the Tokyo Accord

In March 2003, representatives from major relying parties and identity providers for grid infrastructures met in the margin of the 7th Global Grid Forum meeting in Tokyo to coordinate and harmonize the work on authentication for e-Science production infrastructures. The result of this meeting was the Tokyo Accord, reproduced below, which became the starting point for what is now the Interoperable Global Trust Federation, the IGTF.

Today, the IGTF is governed by its Charter, agreed at the founding of the IGTF on October 5th, 2005 and kept up to date as the technological and AAI landscape changes.

*  First meeting March 2003 at GGF 7 in Tokyo
*  Will continue to meet at GGF conferences. Next meeting Seattle.
*  Will work on forming the Grid Policy Management Authority:
   GRID PMA.org
   -  Develop Minimum operational requirements - based on EDG work
   -  Develop a Grid Policy Management Authority Charter
*  Representatives from Major Grid PMA
   -  European Data Grid and Cross Grid PMA
      *  16 countries, 19 organizations
   -  NCSA Alliance
   -  Grid Canada
   -  DOEGrids PMA
   -  NASA Information Power Grid
   -  TERENA
   -  Asian Pacific PMA
       *  AIST, Japan
       *  SDSC, USA
       *  KISTI, Korea
       *  Bll, Singapore
       *  Kasetsart Univ., Thailand
       *  CAS, China